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My new life goal is to become a flamenco guitarist.
(start the video at 2:05)

I Do Spy — Baubles

I don't generally freak out over girly girl stuff. At least, not as much as I used to. I haven't gone clothes shopping in...a while because I would rather spend money on baking supplies. I don't really care about purses as long as it's big enough to fit everything. And I can't walk in heels so goodbye Manolo Blahnik.

There are two things I care about: make up and jewelry. I could spend all day looking at opals and pearls and emeralds. Oh, my! And have you the SEEN the Black Druzy mineral? I'm obsessed.

1. Dreamcatcher Bracelet — les etoiles de Lily
2. Black Druzy Ring — rcanady
3. Light Up the Sky Moon Necklace — Sevenly
4. Little States — Fifth & Mae

Song of the Blog: Pearl by Katy Perry


Random Thought | Four

I've heard this song three times in the last two days. What are you trying to tell me Universe?

Cell Block Divas

Let's just get this out of the way: the greatest song about murder is "Cell Block Tango" from the musical Chicago.

However, there are two totally different and totally awesome country songs about murder (one isn't technically about murder but I mean, she didn't do anything to help) that I'm obsessed with and have been obsessed with since their releases. Guess which one is my go-to karaoke song?

Which one do you like better: the hilarious necessary murder or the dramatic necessary psuedo murder?

Bonus: Have you seen this version of "Cell Block Tango" by Todrick Hall? Because you need to.


Love it Forward: Lifers

 I've talked about my ladies before. How we had the greatest college house, The Princess Palace, since Animal House. How they inspire me on a daily basis. How seriously we take Halloween.

They are my therapists, my life coaches, my support. They will never know how much they mean to me. 

Since college, we have spread out to the big cities of the US: Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix. There are very few times in the year that we get to see each other and it's been a very long time since we've all been in the same city together. I never have enough words to tell them how much I love them so I have tenaciously sent each lady a birthday card for their birthday every year since we all went our separate ways after we graduated from college — and when I say tenaciously, I have missed a few. I'm sorry lifers.

yes, Tara is photoshopped in because she was being a badass in Africa

This is the best way I know how to Love It Forward on the cheap: by sending birthday cards. It's the one day a year that is your day and you should know that one of your closest friends is thinking about you.

So, my lifers, I love you.

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Song of the Blog: You're My Best Friend by Queen


Weekly Wishes | Four

1. Don't go out to eat: I did a pretty good job on this one! I only really spent money on drinks (and one dessert but it was while I was writing my blog so I think it all evens itself out).

2. Drink nine cups of liquid a day: Wow. I can't believe how hard this one was. It didn't happen. And I would only say it happened once last week and that's because I really did have a three glasses of wine nightcap. However, I was super aware of the fact that I needed to be drinking more water and tea so it helped me increase my intake. Thought that counts, right?

3. Draw something: We're just going to move that one on down to this week. 

4. Practice guitar four times: Once. Ugh. What a failure I am at my wishes!

This Week's Wishes

1. Go to Zumba Monday through Thursday: I haven't had most weekday mornings off in a few weeks (which I almost always do) so I'm excited to go back to my regularly scheduled program that is Zumba. 

2. Draw something: Let's try this one again, shall we?

3. Enjoy Easter: I'm so incredibly excited for Easter this year. I took off from work so I'll be going to the church that I've been visiting and then having a Big Easter Dinner with my friend.

Weekly Wishes is where I join up with The Nectar Collective amongst many other bloggers to share the goals or challenges we wish to achieve this week. We're a community of goal-setters.  
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