Friday, October 31, 2014

I Do Spy — Halloween

You all know know by now this is my favorite holiday. I love dressing up. I love the spooky music. I love the not-so-spooky movies. I love the candy.

Have you all guessed what I'm being yet? (If you haven't read the comments from this Instagram hint.)

This year I've transformed into the beloved crazy elementary school teacher who has a magical school bus, Ms. Frizzle. (ps. I made that dress)
In case you've missed any of my Halloween posts, here's a little recap for you.

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This is still my favorite costume

So what are you being for Halloween? What's your favorite spooky find this month?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Shovels & Rope

I thought I would give you all a break from the endless Top 40 music that I've been throwing your way and present you with one of my new favorite bands who I also happen to be seeing tonight.

The band is Shovels and Rope. And, guys, they are incredible. They are a husband and wife American folk duo. This means that they are very similar to the late Civil Wars, but they are actually in love and, I dare say it, have better songs.

These are my three favorite songs. But they're all good so you should really just listen to their whole album.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

This Is Who You Should Be Following On Instagram

I know you're getting just as tired of the word "selfie" as I am. Like seriously:

That's why I really only follow my bestest of friends on Instagram, along with my favorite celebrities. Because let's be real, I only want to see a person's face that many times if I love them or if they are sent from the Heavens to entertain us.

But then there's the art on Instagram. Oh, the art. Puppets. Make-up. Food photography. Crafting!

These are my absolute favorite people to follow on Instagram. They provide a spark of awesome in my dreary scroll of selfies and not-so-great "what I'm eating right now" snaps.

Wayne White

I was first introduced to Mr. White when I was working with The WILD Magazine, contacting publicists left and right to get people into the issue. Mr. White was so easy to get in contact with and the more I got to know him (and see his hilarious photographs), the more obsessed I became.

If you've not seen his documentary, Beauty is Embarrassing, I highly recommend it. Also, he was a puppeteer for Pee Wee's Playhouse, so that should explain how awesome he is.

Tal Peleg

I don't know how Ms. Peleg is able to design these amazing scenes on her EYELIDS, but that's exactly what she does. She doesn't post as often any more but she is still worth following because her work is absolutely stunning.

She also likes to post photographs of people who have nail art or paper art inspired by her work, so she shares the love too. Basically she's my mua crush.

seen and heard

This is a very new Instagram account and one that every person should be following. For those of you who don't know, living in a big city has its perks. And the biggest one is the conversations you overhear as you make your way to your job or home or to grab drinks.

This anonymous artist captures those incredible conversations with great drawing skills and the often incredulous content. I hope you enjoy these dialogues as much as I do.

A Beautiful Mess Official

This account is linked up with the brilliant blog created by two sisters who produce content that is sometimes easy (but often too hard for me to do in my little apartment). However, the photographs they take are incredible. My favorite part is the photographs their readers take, which are usually even better.

Yossy Arefi

I met Yossy when she was a baker at the restaurant I worked at in NYC. Now, she's this incredible food photographer for clients such as Saveur and Bon Appetit. She also has her own column with Food52, in addition to her web site Apt. 2B Baking Co.

She pretty much created the term "food porn." (And you should try her recipes because, Jesus Christ, her baking is extraordinary.)

Oh, and you should follow me. I promise you to never publish a selfie. Only the food I bake, the books I read and the beer I drink.

Ok. And the occasional selfie.

Song of the Blog: Most Kingz by Jay-Z

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekly Wishes | Twenty-Nine

Last Week's Wishes

Halloween Costume: I had some set backs — such as not knowing how to use a pattern. But did you all guess what I'm being from this picture yet?

Clean House: If anything it got more messy as I worked on my costume. I'm a failure.

Guitar Showcase: I have another one coming up this Sunday! I'm pretty sure I'm performing by myself so I'm completely terrified. Especially since I'm the idiot who said I would fingerpick. The song I'm performing? Check out today's song of the blog!

Enjoy My Favorite Day of the Year: I've already watched Hocus Pocus so I can cross that off the list. I've got a Halloween party to go to and then unfortunately I have to work this weekend but at least I get to dress up, right? God, I love this time of year.

Song of the Blog: Last Kiss by Pearl Jam

Weekly Wishes is where I join up with The Nectar Collective amongst many other bloggers to share the goals or challenges we wish to achieve this week. We're a community of goal-setters.

Friday, October 24, 2014

I Do Spy — Ladies of the Night

Not those ladies of the night. Jeez, get your mind out of the gutter. I'm talking about the ladies that make your spine shiver.

1. Nice Day for a Fright Wedding — ModCloth
2. Snow White Witch Candy Bowl — Amazon
3. Hocus Pocus Spell Book — Oddsurd
4. Happy Halloween Witches Oversized Sweatshirt — DentzDesigns

Song of the Blog: Witchy Woman by The Eagles

Some of these links are affiliate marketing links. This means that if you click them and buy something, I get a little tiny piece of commission. But that doesn't mean I don't love each and every one of them. I need that Hocus Pocus spell book. Need

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Five Necessities to Stay Productive

To say I struggle with staying productive is an understatement. I suffer from the same problem that most people under the age of 40 (let's be real, probable 85) fight with: The Internet.

There's just so much happening. Between Facebook and Twitter and other people's blogs and your own damn blog and the never ending list of things you have to respond to, it can be quite over whelming. That doesn't even include the distraction that is Netflix (I'm looking at you, Gilmore Girls)!

So how do I do it? I generally manage to post three to four times a week while working a near-full time job while writing part-time for an SEO company and taking two classes. There are times that I really need to ignore that witty commentary between Lorelei and Rory and just sit down and write by a deadline. 

That's where these five tools and requirements come in. 

1. A Clean Space to Work In
As you know from my weekly wishes, I'm not very good at keeping my house organized. It's clean, but it's messy. But the one space I do keep tidy is my kitchen table (desk still to come — one can dream). I do all of my writing on my kitchen table so I keep nothing on there but my place mats, laptop and to-do list. 

In those few times that I'm not able to clean up my dinner guest mess up quickly enough, I turn to a coffee shop. There is nothing to distract me but my mind, which is dangerous enough, and the cute barista. 

2. A To-Do List
Isn't it annoying when you have a never ending list of things you need to get done in the day running around in your head. Then, just as you're falling asleep, you jolt awake thinking, crap! I forgot to email so-and-so back!

This is why I have a constant and never ending to do list. My favorite part about it is when I get to cross something off. 

3. A Calendar
I know what you're thinking: shouldn't this be under the same category as the to-do list? And everyone who is a list maker will give you a resounding "No!" The to-do list is for tasks that have to get done. The calendar is for two things: blog posts and work/life events. I'm not going to put "flight at 8:30am" on my to-do list. That would be just crazy!! 

I'm beginning to think that the reason I keep my life so organized is because I'm so bad at keeping my apartment organized.

Note to self: add organize my apartment to my to-do list.

4. No TV
It's pretty self explanatory. I work great when there is just music on, as long as it's not musicals or T-Swift. But if I turn on a movie or a TV show for "background noise," there will be no writing had that day. 

5. Go For A Walk
You've either heard this a million times before or you think I'm being ridiculous. But when I am having a hard time concentrating, I do not browse the Internet or make food or turn on the TV (see Tip #4). I go for a walk around my apartment complex. 

I'm sure this would be a little less creepy were I to have a dog but I do it anyway. It clears my brain, I get some fresh air and Vitamin D and I'm ready to go when I sit back down at my kitchen table (seriously, I'll take donations for a desk).

Are any of you entrepreneurs out there? I know a lot of you are starting your own design companies or even social media companies. You all should really check out Kabbage. They offer small business loans in seven minutes or less. In addition, they have a plethora of awesome business tips in their Community section. It doesn't hurt that they are the number one online provider for business loans. 

How do you stay productive throughout your work day?

Song of the Blog: Cigarettes and Coffee by Otis Redding

Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekly Wishes | Twenty-Eight

Last Week's Wishes

Get Work Done: Well, it was two weeks ago so I did get all the things done (and Beauty and the Beast was perfection). But, it's been two weeks since my last wishes so of course my house is in complete disarray again.

Successful Bridal Shower: How lovely it was. The bride to be was beautiful, per uge. The food was fantastic. The tea was refreshing. I got to see a ton of people I hadn't seen in a while. Which will only increase exponentially for the wedding in four weeks!!

Halloween Costume: I may have gotten a little over my head when it comes to my epic Halloween costume. I decided to make it myself, which is fine. I've done that before. But this time I decided to do that with a pattern, which I've not done since high school. So I will be watching a lot of YouTube videos. Advice and tips are welcome.

Clean House: I think I need to make a chores list... Anyone have any great pins for that?

Song of the Blog: Dressin' Up by Katy Perry

Weekly Wishes is where I join up with The Nectar Collective amongst many other bloggers to share the goals or challenges we wish to achieve this week. We're a community of goal-setters.