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Random Thought | Eleven

Excuse me as I temporarily interrupt the importance that is Dawson's Creek Week for something that has made the Internet explode:

The Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer (scroll down for reaction)

And here is my reaction.

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The Great Music Behind Dawson's Creek

This week I asked Pamela Eberhardt to take over a few posts, as she has unlimited knowledge in all things The Creek. Today, she talks about the awesome 90s music that appeared on that show. 

The music of Dawson’s Creek brings me back to life as a teenager in the the mid 90’s: Tubthumping, Jessica Simpson, Five for Fighting... but there are certain songs that take me back to such momentous moments that those characters went through on Dawson's Creek. Since I VHS recorded each original episode as it aired, I will always remember the original songs that played when: the opening credits rolled, Joey longed for Dawson at the school dance, Pacey longed for Joey on their trip to replace the snails he accidentally killed. The DVD release changed so much of the original music that aired on the WB.

Therefore, I must inform you of what you missed for those who joined the creek upon the release of the DVDs or syndicated episodes.

I'm The Only One by Melissa Etheridge

Joey gets out of her cold, wet clothes as Pacey watches through the truck mirrors. MOMENTOUS - it's a different song in syndication and DVD.

My Invitation by Sarah Slean

Joey dances with Pacey at the Junior Prom and Dawson watches in pain from afar. Also MOMENTOUS.

You Take My Breath Away by Tuck and Patti

Joey and Pacey have sex for the first time. MOMENTOUS. It's also different song in syndication and on DVD.

The Lonesome Road by James Taylor 

In Season Three's “To Green, with Love," the students line up in the hallway to bid a fond farewell to Principal Green.

Day Dream Believer by Mary Beth

Pretty much one of the main 3rd season soundtrack songs of Joey deciding between Pacey and Dawson. The juxtaposition of the childlike Monkee’s version representing Dawson and the mature MaryBeth version which speaks for her feelings for Pacey.

Pamela Eberhardt is a writer who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. She'll never tell you what her day job is (CIA, maybe?) but she's a playwright, songwriter, actress, singer extraordinaire. She also loves her cat, Craig, Jr.

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The Best Dawson's Creek Episodes

I wasn't allowed to watch Dawson's Creek growing up. It aired when I was nine years old so I can understand why this is so. I spent my high school and college years laughing at the people who were obsessed with this show and continued that theme when I lived with Pamela Eberhardt for over two years. It wasn't until I moved to a new city and had a ton of time on my hands to watch pointless TV that I took the dive into this teenage soap opera and realized its brilliance.

Pamela knows this show like the back of her hand so I decided to let her do a little talking today. I'll let her take over.

When I was 14, I moved from my small town, east coast life to a big city on the west coast. It was a culture shock, needless to say. I grew up near bays and creeks with docks. Oh so many docks. Watching Dawson’s Creek got me through the move. It reminded me of home. When I watch it today, I am reminded of a simpler time. A time of big movie dreams, teen angst and sweaty palms.

Prior to the pilot airing in the winter of 98, a J-Crew catalogue came out where the original four cast members (Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson, Katie Holmes and James VanDerBeek) modeled clothing as a promo for the show.

When I saw that catalogue I remember thinking to myself, “I know them. I feel like I know them.” and I couldn’t wait to watch the first episode. When it aired, I was glued to the screen. Not only did it encapsulate what it feels like to live as a teenager in a small, east coast town, but the added element of the “wealthy summer people invading the creek-side oasis” was way too close to home for me having grown up in the Hamptons out on Long Island. Dawson’s Creek encompassed what life was like for me as a teenager... but with a vocabulary that would give the SAT’s a run for their money. Watching it made me feel like I was home again at a time when everything around me was so unfamiliar. 

Here are my picks for the Top Five Episodes of the Series.

The Long Goodbye (Season Five)

It’s easy to get over the top with a death. They handled this with class.

Netflix says:

The Allnighter (Season Two)

They’re all together in one room and teen angst is at its highest.

Netflix says: An all-night study session creates friction and produces some surprises for Dawson and his friends.

The Pilot (Season One)

The beginning of everything.

Netflix says: A pair of childhood friends must cope with their emerging sexuality.

The Anti Prom (Season Three)

Take notes on how one moment can make an entire episode amazing.

Netflix says: Dawson organizes an alternative junior prom.

and last but absolute best Joey Potter & Capeside Redeption (Season Six)

It perfectly encompasses the nostalgia that is Season One.

Netflix says: With the future of Dawson's movie in doubt, Joey rallies his friends to help him realize his dream.

Pamela Eberhardt is a writer who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. She'll never tell you what her day job is (CIA, maybe?) but she's a playwright, songwriter, actress, singer extraordinaire. She also loves her cat, Craig, Jr.

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The Best Dawson's Creek Characters

Dawson's Creek was on air for 6 whole seasons and I finished it in a year. There were a few times I had to take an extended break because I would be frustrated that Pacey and Joey weren't together (Pacey + Joey 4ever). But I made it through and now have compiled my personal favorite characters.

It's been a few months since I've watched the earlier seasons but hopefully I didn't miss anyone who was truly epic.

Audrey Liddell

She was the best addition to Dawson's little gang. She starts out as Joey's new quirky college roommate and will eventually turn into one of Joey's best friends. She's unique and confident and was a refreshing glass of water when the show started to get a little boring.

Andie McPhee

Guys. I love season two Andie. And I love season two Andie with Pacey. Before she (the actress, that is) gets a boob job, Andie is lovable and charming. For those of you who don't know, Andie gets a little crazy and then somehow becomes even more endearing during that time. She will break your heart without even trying. She is sincere and works so hard to please everyone that she almost breaks. Unfortunately, I feel that she turns annoying after season three, but my love for her first season will overcome all other Andie's.

Evelyn "Grams" Ryan

Grams' character development is the best of the series. First, she is Jen Lindley's uptight conservative Christian grandmother who judges those she does not understand. Throughout the series, you slowly see her progress: she accepts gay Jack into her home, her and Jen become very close, she starts to date. She is everything you could ever want in a grandmother and when she cries, you cry.

Todd Carr 

You think he's going to be a one-time extra who plays a dick director. Then he makes a comeback in the final season as the greatest comedic relief in all TV Drama history. If he's not in your Top 5 Characters, then you clearly did not appreciate the show.

Pacey Witter

Pacey + Joey 4ever. He is my perfect man. More than Lost's Desmond. More than The Office's Jim Halpert. More than, I dare say it, Mr. Darcy. Here's why:

Who were your favorite Dawson's Creek characters? 

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Weekly Wishes | Sixteen

Last Week's One Goal

My parents and grandma came to visit Austin for the first time over the weekend and I would call it a huge success. We were able to cross most things off the list and still enjoy ourselves at each eatery/museum/town/brewery/eatery (seriously, so much eating).

1. Get Back into a Routine: I feel like I say this once every month or two but it's because life keeps happening. I need to do the uge that everybody says they'll "start tomorrow:" eating better, exercising more, creating more things. Yeah, I need to get back into the routine of doing all.those.things.

2. Practice Guitar: This class is kicking my ass and I'm definitely the least advanced one. I had no time to practice over the weekend so these next three days have got to be guitar focused before my next class.

I think that's enough to keep me occupied on top of a full week. Also, just to get you all excited for what's to come, this week on The Hungry Goat is DAWSON'S CREEK WEEK. I know. In honor of finishing the series for the first time (view my "live" tweets from last Thursday of the season finale here), I have a week packed full of Top 5's of every aspect from that epic teenage soap opera. I sincerely hope you're ready.

What are your goals for the week?

Weekly Wishes is where I join up with The Nectar Collective amongst many other bloggers to share the goals or challenges we wish to achieve this week. We're a community of goal-setters. 

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I Do Spy — Peter Pan

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